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Papers noted as being “Published as…” may not be identical to the Cogan Society presentation or the content in the Proceedings volumes.


Afshari, Natalie

2006 Forefathers of Contemporary Refractive Surgery

Albert, Daniel M.                                                

1988 Will the First American Ophthalmologist Please Stand Up

1989 John Jeffries’ Lectures in Ophthalmology

1990 Hippocrates on Ophthalmology

1991 Newton, Voltaire, and God

1992 The Discovery of the Ophthalmoscope (Snyder lecture)

1993 Peter deGravers: Oculist to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

1994 Cogan and Verhoeff: A Friendship of Genius

1999 A Brief History of Medical Ethics for the Ophthalmologist

2002 Rembrandt’s “The Eye Operation”

2005 Little Lord Fauntleroy’s Father: Swan Moses Burnett P*. Published as: Albert DM, Atzen, SL. Swan M. Burnett, MD, PhD: The Forgotten Father of Little Lord Fauntleroy. Arch Ophthalmic 2009; 127:1664-71. PMID 20008723

2009 From a Country Doctor’s Casebooks: Treatment of Eye Disease in Rural Wisconsin, 1841-1852

2012 Hjalmar August Schiotz: His Life and Recently Rediscovered Ophthalmoscope

2017 Burton Chance:  An Ophthalmic Historian and Witness to 19th and 20th Century


Alon, Susan

1990 For the Concupiscence of Eyes

Alper, Melvin (deceased)

1991 Sir Godfrey Hounsfield and the C.T. Scanner

1993 The Early History of Dysthyroid Ophthalmopathy (Graves, Perry, and Von Basedow)

1994 History of Orbital Decompression for Graves’ Ophthalmopathy

1995 Ophthalmologists and the American College of Surgeons

1997 Was Matthew Brady Blind?

1998 Three Pioneers in the Early History of Neuro-Radiology (Snyder lecture)

2002 Reminiscences of My Three Professors: Cogan, Adler, and Scheie

Amalric, Pierre (deceased, 1999)

1996 Medical Problems Depicted by Toulouse Lautrec

1998 The Two Galezowski’s, Father and Son: An Ophthalmologic Tradition
                  (read by J.G. Ravin)

Apple, David J. (deceased)

2002 A Tour Through Sir Harold Ridley’s Attic: Some Revisions of Ophthalmic History

2005 Spitfires and Hurricanes

2006 Sir Harold Ridley’s Almost-Forgotten Protégée

2007 Ocular pathology as a Freestanding Subspecialty: Rise and Fall

2008 History of the International Intraocular Lens Club (IIC)

2010 Professor Soemmerring and His Magic Ring 

Jennifer Arch

2018 Eyesight, Vision, Love, and War in Three Medieval and Early Modern Literary Works P*

Asbury, Taylor

1998 The History of Ophthalmology in Cincinnati (1827-1940) 

Bacal, Darron A

2006 Harry S. Truman - The Influence of Hyperopia and Spectacles on the Making of a President

2008 The Eye Injury That Changed Western Civilization

Bartley, George

1994 The Blindness of John Milton

1996 Ophthalmic Eponyms from the Mayo Clinic

1998 Four Eyes on the Diamond: The First Bespectacled Players in Professional Baseball

Baum, Jules

1999 Helena Fedukowicz: Pioneer Educator in Ocular Bacteriology

Bermudez, D.

  2018 The Monocular Duke of Urbino (with Stephen G. Schwartz, Pamela S. Chavis, F. Khan, and

    Christopher T. Leffler ) P*

Bisno, David

1994 President Hopkin’s Dilemma: The Dartmouth Eye Institute

2002 Edwardian Snowblindness: Ophthalmic Travails in the Arctic and Antarctic

2003 The Genius of Edmond Halley and the Transit of Venus

2005 Now You See it, Now You Don’t P*

2007 Ophthalmology in Fin-de-Sièle Vienna

2009 The Evolutionist, Three Ophthalmologists, and the Prime Minister

2014  Ties That Bind:  Ophthalmic History and Classical Music, Featuring “The Eye Glasses Duet”

Blanchard, Donald

1992 Bartisch’s Herbal Remedies

1993 Jaeger, About Glaucoma

1994 Pope John XXI, Ophthalmologist

1995 From Ebers to Jackson

1996 Voghtherr’s Büchlin

1999 George Handel and His Blindness

2000 Bartisch on Theriac

2004 Robert Louis Stevenson: Optical Engineer

2007 The Ophthalmology of Hieronymus Brunschwig (Snyder Lecture)

2012 Emily Dickinson’s Consultation with Henry Willard Williams, MD

2013 W.F. Mittendorf and His Dot

2016 Henry Gray's (Eye) Anatomy

2017 Henry Gray's (Retinal) Anatomy The First 50 Years (1858-1908)

Blodi, Barbara

1997 Karl Safar of Vienna: Pioneering Retinal Surgeon

2015  Life's Lessons Learned: Frederick Blodi, M.D. at the Columbia University Harkness Eye

    Institute (with Christopher Blodi)

Blodi, Christopher F.

2010 The Missing Link: Paul Sullivan, MD and the History of Intraocular SF6

2011 Arlt Orders His Ophthalmoscope: A Study in Provenance

2012 Paul A. Cibis. Pioneer of Modern Vitreo-retinal Surgery. Part 2, Contributions to Vitreous


2014 David Kasner, MD, and the Road to Pars Plana Vitrectomy

2015 Life's Lessons Learned: Frederick Blodi,M.D. at Columbia University Harkness Eye Institute (with Barbara Blodi)

2017 Adolf Hitler's Vitreous Hemorrhages...and Other Visual Disorders

2018 "Power to the Blind": The Kenneth Jernigan Story P*

Blodi, Frederick (deceased)

1988 Blindness in Mythology and Religion

1990 Ophthalmologists Suffering from Glaucoma

1991 Some Famous Persons with Visual Problems (Snyder lecture)

Bogdan, A.J.

2005 L. Webster Fox

Bohigian, George M.

1997 The Concept of the Evil Eye and Its Influence on Ophthalmology, Medicine, and Social Behavior

2000 Albert Einstein: His Life and Contributions to the Development of Lasers

2003 Symbols Deciphered

2005 Honey: The Pharaoh’s Magic Eye Potion P*

2006 Standardization of Visual Acuity Testing in Antiquity (Before Donders, Jaeger and Snellen)

2007 “He Sees Alcor, but not the Full Moon”: The Arabian Eye Test Using Stars

2008 Ophthalmic History-New Techniques for Looking at the Past

2009 Bernard Becker “In His Own Words”-Part I “The Formative Years”

2010 Bernard Becker “In His Own Words” Part II – “The Academic Years”

2012 To Trick the Eye: A Short History of a Famous Magical Optical Illusion: The Sphinx Head

2013 The Inaugural Meeting of the Cogan Ophthalmic History Society in 1988

2014 Our Ophthalmic Heritage: Superstitions, Symbols, and Magic (Snyder lecture)

2015 Stevens-Johnson Syndrome: It's Discovery and Clinical Description

2016 History and Folklore of Plant-Based Ophthalmic Medications

2017 Francis I. Proctor MD:  His Life and His Legacy. Published as: Francis I. Proctor, MD and his

Wife Elizabeth C. Proctor: Their Lives and Legacy. With R.M. Feibel. Journal of Medical Biography

2018; DOI: 10.1177/0967772017727478 PMID 29372652

2018 The Eye in Motion Pictures:  An Illustrated History P*

Biousse, Valerie

2005 Homonymous Hemianopsia: The Localizing Value of Incongruity (with Steven A. Newman) P*

Brander, Elisabeth

2016 Historical Aspects of the Bernard Becker Collection in Ophthalmology and Optics

Brown, Harry S.

2014 Founding of Surgical Eye Expeditions{SEE) International

Bullock, John D.

1990 St. Paul was Struck by Lightning

1992 Blindness in Literature: A Theme Spanning Three Millennia

1993 Rene Blondlot and His Vision Enhancing Rays (with Shane T. Russell)

1996 Was Dom Perignon Really Blind? (with Jennifer Wang and Gretchen H. Bullock)

1998 Mr. H.B. Stallard and “Chariots of Fire”

2000 The Blind Leading the Blind: The Story of Louis Braille

2006 Ophthalmology and the History of Penicillin: A Tale of Three Cities

2007 The Renu® Related Fusarium Keratitis Outbreak of 2005-2006: What Would the Reverend

    Henry  Whitehead and Doctor John Snow Have Done?

2009 Why Was Carlota Valdivia Blind?

2015 Ophthalmology and the Nobel Prize

2018 Sir William Osler -- A Wannabe Ophthalmologist

 Cameron, J. Douglas

 2012 The Final Days of the Armed Services of Pathology (AFIP)

Caruso, Rafael

1991 Astronomy and Ophthalmology: Kepler et al.

1993 Trichromatism or Color Opponent Mechanisms? A Nineteenth Century Controversy

Chan, Chi-Chao

2008 Eugene Chan: Pioneer of Modern Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences in China

2009 Couching for Cataract in China

2010 The First Western-Style Hospital in China (1835 – Present)

2012 Ten Chairmen of the Ophthalmology Department at Peking Union Medical College (PUMC)

2015 Tianrong Miao and the First School of Ophthalmology and Optometry in China

2017 Dr. Lien-Teh Wu and People's Hospital, the First Western Hospital Built by Chinese

   Government (with Xiaoguang Cao, and Chunying Li)

Chavis, Pamela S.

2008 A View of the History of Ophthalmology in Saudi Arabia, 1983-2008

2009 Tuberculosis and Uveitis in the Life of Stonewall Jackson

2010 Stonewall Jackson, Uveitis and Tuberculosis

2011 Traditional Cosmetic and Medicinal Use of Kohl and Henna:  Their Efficacy v. Side Effects

2016 Symbolism of the Eye in the Ancient World (with James Farmer, Ph.D.)

2018 The Monocular Duke of Urbino (with Stephen G. Schwartz, Christopher T. Leffler, F. Khan and

     D. Bermudez) P*

Chelnick, Judy

1989 Not Just a Pretty Face: Collecting and Exhibiting at the Smithsonian Institution

Chu, Fred

1988 Harvey Howard

1990 Edmund Cowdry - A Friend of Harvey Howard

Cibis, Gerhard

  Heinrich Harms 1908-2003

Cogan, David (deceased)

1988 Dr. Roentgen, The Williams Brothers, and Private John Gretzer

1989 H. Muller and His Fibers

1990 John Taylor, M.D. (with Comments on Bach and Handel)

1991 Who is Mr. Rumbold

1992 Some Music Makers and Ophthalmology

1993 Edward Reynolds: Fame without Significant Publications

1994 Life Events and Visual Symptoms of Adolph Hitler

Colenbrander, August

2001 Visual Acuity Measurement in a Historical Perspective

Collins, Louise

2017 The Lucien Howe Library of Ophthalmology Collection

Cronenwett, Susan

1988 Oral Histories: Bringing Life to a Museum Collection

1989 Ophthalmology: A Single Strand in the Fabric of History

Currie, Benjamin D.

 2013 Early American Strabismus Surgery: 1840-1846. Part 2

Davis, Audrey

1988 The Ophthalmological Collections of the National Museum of American History

de Jong, Prof. Dr. Paulus T. V.

2015 The Earliest Clinical and Histopathological Descriptions of the Aging Macular

        Disorder (AMD)

Dohlman, Claes

1999 Pellier de Quengsy and His Keratoprosthesis

Drews, Robert

2004 Green Cataract

2006 The Debt of the AOS to the Heidelberg Ophthalmological Society: Historical Speculation

2007 IVY and the Early History of Ophthalmic EMR

2010 A History of the First 50 Years of the Department of Ophthalmology at Saint Louis University,

    1903-1953. (Including Selected Highlights from the Nineteenth Century)

2011 The St. Louis Society for the Blind and Visually Impaired: 100 Years of Help

Eliasoph, Ira

1998 Emil Gruening

1999 Charles H. May

2000 Minsky: A Model Ophthalmologist

2001 Irving H. Leopold

2002 Ophthalmology at Mt. Sinai Hospital: A Brief History

2003 Unheralded and Prophetic Percy Fridenberg

2005 The Man Behind the Forceps — N. Bishop Harman and a Controversial Ophthalmologist P*

2007 Silas Weir Mitchell and Ophthalmology

2008 Kritzer, Kestenbaum, and Koller, Something About Each

2009 Emanuel Krimsky (1898-1992), A Prism, and a Full Spectrum Life

2010  Apologia Pro Vita Ophthalmologica; Ophthalmology and Observation: A Life” (Snyder lecture)

2011 Charles H. Beard, his encyclopedic surgical text and Chicago Life and Ophthalmology

2012 Western Ophthalmologists and the PUMC (Peking Union Medical College) Connection

2013 Part 1: 1891 Thoughts on Cataract Surgery. Part 2: Father and Son Minsky

2014 (1) Charles J. Snyder (1914-1996): Ex Libris Lux; (2) The Illuminator 

2015 Not To Be Forgotten - Thomas Hall Shastid, M.D. (1866 - 1947)

2017 Alvin Allace Hubbell (1846-1911) Our Predecessor in History

2018  Vision Doctors' Vision (An Illustrated Narrative or Graphic Tale) P*

Enoch, Jay M.

1997 Early Lenses Found with Objects Viewed Through Them

1999 Fine Lenses from the Old Kingdom of Egypt (ca. 4500 Years Ago!): Unique Optical Properties

    and Issues Relating to These Lenses

2000 The Future of Ophthalmoscopy: An Example, Adaptive Optics to Provide Micro-


2001 Ancient Lenses and Visual Illusion Measured at the Louvre, Paris. I. Reserve eye

2002 Ancient Egyptian Lenses at the Louvre: II The Statue of “Le Scribe Accroupi”

2003 Use of Concave Mirrors as Visual Corrections and Magnifying Devices Preceded Spectacle


2004 History of Mirrors Dating Back ca. 8000 Years Before the Present (BP)

2005 Filling in Some of the Gaps: The World’s Oldest Mirrors II P*

2006 The New Discovery of a Rare Ancient Egyptian Lens

2007 Hans Goldmann’s Golden Years in St. Louis: Daily Research Bench Rounds with the Master

2008 The First Known Artificial Eye Unearthed at “The Burnt City” in Iran

2009 “A Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age!) Spanish Artificial Eye” Please Realize This Technology is

    About 7000 Years Old!

2010 “A Search for the Earliest Representation(s) of Light-Rays.”

2011 “Testifying Before the U.S. Congress in Behalf of the National Eye Institute, N.I.H., during the

    Early Years of Its Existence.”

2012 William Cain Ruffin, MD (and Some History of the Ruffin Family as It Pertains to the American

    Civil War)

Enzenauer, Robert W.

2014 E.C. Ellett, MD – Physician, Citizen, and Soldier

2015 Eye Surgeons Who Became Generals and Admirals

Feibel, Robert M.

2009 Simon Pollak, M.D.

2010 Fred Loe, MD. Published as: Fred Loe, MD, and the History of Trachoma. Archives of Ophthalmology 2011; 129:503-8. DOI: 10.1001/archophthalmol.2011.64 PMID 21482877

2011 An Ophthalmologist Afield:  Vincent (Censu) Tabone, A President of Malta. Published as: Vincent (Censu) Tabone, an Ophthalmologist and a President of the Republic of Malta. Archives of Ophthalmology 2012; 130:373-7. DOI: 10.1001/archophthalmol.2011.291 PMID 22411666

2012 Paul A. Cibis, Pioneer of Modern Vitreo-retinal Surgery, Part I, Biography. Published as: Paul A. Cibis, MD: A Pioneer of Modern Vitreoretinal Surgery. With C.F. Blodi. JAMA Ophthalmology 2013; 131-1077-82. PMID 23680812

2013 Early American Strabismus Surgery: 1840-1846. Part I. Published as: Early American Strabismus Surgery. With B.D. Currie. Strabismus 2015; 23:182-90. DOI: 10.3109/09273972.2015.1099709. PMID 26669424

2014 Herbert Herbert: His Corneal Pits and Scleral Slits. Published as: Herbert Herbert: His Corneal Pits and Scleral Slits. Ophthalmology 2014; 121:1142-8. PMID 24424250

2015 Sympathectomy for Glaucoma: Its Rise and Fall (1898 - 1910). Published as: Sympathectomy for Glaucoma: Its Rise and Fall (1898-1910). Survey of Ophthalmology 2015; 60:500-7. DOI: 10.1016/j.survophthal.2015.02.003. PMID 25907524

2016 James Moores Ball: St. Louis Ophthalmologist, Medical Historian, and Bibliophile. Published as: James Moores Ball: Ophthalmologist, Medical Historian, Bibliophile. Journal of Medical Biography 2016; 24:301-8. Doi: 10.1177/0967772016633340. PMID 27316691

2017 Mortimer Frank, Johann Ludwig Choulant, and the History of Anatomical Illustration. Published as: Feibel RM. Mortimer Frank, Johann Ludwig Choulant, and the History of Anatomical Illustration. Journal of Medical Biography 2018; DOI: 10.1177/0967772017708648 PMID 29372653

2018 Cuban Epidemic Optic Neuropathy (1991-1993) and José Saramago's Novel Blindness (1995) (Snyder Lecture).  Published as:  Feibel RM, Arch J.  Cuban epidemic optic neuropathy (1991-1993) and José Saramago's novel Blindness (1995).  American Journal of Ophthalmology 2018; doi: 10.1016/j.ajo.2018.06.006. 29906432 P*  PMID 29906432

2018 Quicklime as an Ocular Chemical Weapon: Examples in Ancient and Medieval Warfare (with  Richard Schroeder) P*

Ferry, Andrew (deceased, 2018)

1988 The Blow Family of Virginia, Their Slave “Sam,” and Dr. T. L. Stephens’ Chemical Eye Salve

1989 Dr. William O Coffee and His Absorption Cure for Cataract

1990 Optical/Ophthalmological/Optometric Advertising Covers

1991 The New York Ophthalmological Society

1992 Ophthalmology and Vanity Fair

1993  Dr. Isaac Thompson and His Celebrated Eye Water (Snyder lecture)

1994 Dr. James Bolton of Richmond: A Pioneer in Strabismus Surgery

1995 Professor Charles Tyrrell and His Ideal Sight Restorer

1996 “Professor” William C. Wilson and his Actina Pocket Battery for Curing Ocular Diseases

1997 The 100th Anniversary of the Murine Eye Remedy Co.

1998 Carl Koller and the Introduction of Local Anesthesia

2000 “Dr.” John R. Dickey’s Old Reliable Eye Water, and Baird Advertising Clocks

2002 The Badianus Manuscript

2004 Dr. Ball and his Patent Eye Cups: an Early Proponent of Reshaping the Cornea for Correction of


2011 Depictions of Ophthalmologists on Postage Stamps

Festa, Susan

1990 In Retrospect: Presidential Addresses During the Early Years in AAOO

Finger, Stanley

2003 Benjamin Franklin and the Treatment of Stroke

Fishman, Gerald A.

1994 Alex E. Krill: Life and Final Days

1995 Anne Sullivan: Her Life and Blindness

1996 Friedrich Best: More than Just the Macula

1998 Jan Evangelista Purkyne (Purkinje), Czech Scientist and Patriot

2002 When your Eyes Are a Wet Nose: The Evolution of the Use of Guide Dogs

2005 Edgar Derry Tillyer: The Man and His Career P*

2008 John Dalton: Though in Error, He Still Impacted Upon our Understanding of Color Deficiencies

2010 Historical Evolution in Our Understanding of Stargardt Macular Dystrophy

2012 An Historical Perspective for the Early Treatment of Night Blindness and the Use of Dubious

    and Unproven Treatment Strategies for Patients with Retinitis Pigmentosa (Snyder Lecture)

2015 James Elzar Lebensohn: A Universal Man Worthy of Being Remembered 

2017 The Life and Times of Jan Evangelista Purkinje: Scientist and Czech Patriot (with Marlene


Fishman, Ronald S.

1988 Descartes, Retinal Projection and the Soul

1989 A Smoother Pebble, A Prettier Shell: Isaac Newton and the Chiasm

1990 A Surgeon without Hesitation and without Conscience

1991 A Leap of the Imagination: Leonardo and Kepler

1992 Astride the World as a Colossus: Galen on Vision

1993 The Lunatic Asylum Experiments: David Ferrier and the Cerebral Cortex

1994 Brain Wars: Conflict and Passion in the Localization of Vision in the Cortex

1995 Retina as Rosetta Stone: Ramon y Cajal and the Neuron Doctrine

1996 Gordon Holmes, the Cortical Retina and the Wounds of War (Snyder Lecture)

1997 Man’s Place in Nature and the Great Hippopotamus Debate

1998 Darwin Vindicated: the Pax-6 Gene and Evolution of the Eye

1999 Perish, then Publish: Thomas Harriot, “A briefe and true report of the new found land of

    Virginia” and the Moons of Jupiter

2000 Innovation and its Discontents

2001 How George Washington’s Spectacles Saved the Republic

2002 Thus Saw Zarathustra: The Eyes and Brain of Friedrich Nietzsche

2003 Doing History: The Cogan Society after 15 years

2004 Two Early Cases of Cortical Blindness

2005 The Rise and Fall of Coal Miners’ Nystagmus P*

2006 Lincoln’s Craniofacial Microsomia

2007 Oxygen, Prematurity, Blindness: The Early Years

2008 Martha, Sigmund, and Karl: A Love Story

2009 Cycopia I: Congenital Malformations from Homer to the Enlightenment

2010 The Vulcan Eyebrow Sign in Abraham Lincoln and His Family: A Sign of Unilateral Coronal


2011 Jakob Henle and the Germ Theory of Disease

2012 Joseph Priestley’s Book on Optics

2013 Disease on the Oregon Trail

2014 Evolutionary Medicine

2015 The Slow Adoption of Surgical Gloves

2016 Obsolescence

2017 Koller's Introduction of Local Anesthesia and Its Aftermath

2018 Evolution of Contralaterality in the Vertebrate Brain, Or, Why Do We Have an Optic Chiasm? (Special Recognition lecture) P*

Fitzgibbon, Edmond

2012 Keeping Things in Focus: A Brief History of Objective Refraction

Flom, Leonard

2016 The Role of the Iris biometric in the Pairing of Mothers to Newborns and for Infants for Lifetime


Flynn, John

1991 The Founding of Orthoptics: American and European Experience

1993 July 23, 1946 - A Day That Will Live in Infamy (with Reva Hurtes)

1995 Edward W.D. Norton: An Ophthalmologist for All Seasons, Part I (with Reva Hurtes)

1997 Ophthalmic Practice Patterns in the American Century II

1999 Werner Ernst Reichardt, Ph.D.: The Founder of Modern Computational Visual Neuro-

    Physiology and Anti-Nazi Resistance Fighter

Forbes, Max

2002 Edward S. Harkness

Foster, C. Stephen

2017 History of Uveitis Therapy

Franceschetti, Albert

2012 The First Female Medical Students

2013 Hermann Burian MD, the Gentleman of Amblyopia

2015 Professor A. Franceschetti (1896 - 1968) - A Tribute to My Father

2017 Charles-Michel Billard (1800-1832): An Unknown Great Figure of the XIXth Century

2018 Charles Bonnet and His Syndrome P*

Frayer, William

1990 The Origins and Evolution of the Lancaster Course in Ophthalmology

1992 George Edmund deSchweinitz, M.D.

1994 William Fisher Norris

1995 S. Weir Mitchell: An Early Neuro-Ophthalmologist

1997 The College of Physicians of Philadelphia

2000 Dr. Rush’s Eye Water and the Opening of the American West

2003 Fish Stories and Clinical Trials

Fritch, Charles

1989 Ocular Laser Surgery — The Contributions of Dr. H.C. Zweng

1990 Irving Leopold: The Man and His Magic

1992 Eugen von Hippel

1993 History of Kaiser-Permanente

1996 William Ming: San Joaquin Valley Pioneer Ophthalmologist

2017 Stanley M. Truhlsen, MD: Life and Career

Galst, Jay M.

1997 Ophthalmology in Nummis

1998 The Eye in Nummis

2000 Medallic Remembrances of Von Helmholtz

2001 Dr. Albert von Pflugk: His Pioneering Work on Spectacle Coins and Medals. I.

2002 Dr. Alfred von Pflugk: Coins, Tokens and Medals Depicting Spectacles. Part II

2004 David Rittenhouse: George Washington’s Optician. The First United States Mint Director

2005 The Gonin Medal—The Nobel Price of Ophthalmology P*

2008 The Charles Coutela Medal-Paul Richer’s Last Medallic Artwork

2012 The Blinding of King Zaleukos of Lokri on a 16th Century German Medal

2015 Focusing on the Details: Ophthalmologists and Numismatists (Snyder Lecture)

2017 Otto Wichterle, Father of the Soft Contact Lens

Gasch, Alice T. (Wendy)

2010 Ophthalmic Abnormalities Manifested by the Gargoyles of Washington National Cathedral

2011 William Moon and his Tactile Reading System

2012 Newton (Uyesugi) Wesley:  Contact Lens Pioneer and Advocate

2013 Lovers’ Eyes

2014 Abraham Nemeth: Facilitator of Math and Science Careers for the Blind

2015 Guide Horses: An Alternative to Guide Dogs

2016 Onchocerciasis and Its Control

2017 Lash Lure and Paraphenylenediamine: Toxic Beauty Past & Present

2018 The Eponyms of the Human Eyelid Glands P*

Gauger, Grant

1991 The Great Mind of Thomas Young

1994 Astronauts and the Accelerator: The Light Flash Phenomenon

Gittinger, John W., Jr.

1988 Freud and Janet: Functional Hemianopia at Charcot’s Salpetriere

1989 Harvey Cushing — A Man Who Learned From His Mistakes

1990 Ophthalmology, then and Now. The American Ophthalmic Literature 50 and 100 Years Ago

1991 Oliver Wendell Holmes’ Ocular Theories

1995 The Life and Death of George S. Derby, M.D.

1996 Early Ophthalmologist Esperantists

1999 Radiation and Cataracts: Cause or Cure (Snyder lecture)

2003 A Talk on the Wilde Side: Sir William Wilde

2005 Argyrol and Dr. Barnes P*

2007 The Philosophic, Physiologic, and Metaphoric Blind Spot of Mariotte

2008 When Fathers; Disagree: Enucleation of a Footnote

2010 The Jeffries of Boston and the First Airmail Letter

2011 The Focal Infection Theory and its Consequences

2012 Wilhelm Kuhne and Optograms

2013 Thomas Young Revisited

2015  The Quest for a Medical Treatment of Cataract

2018 That the Blind May Write: William Hickling Prescott and the Noctograph P*

Glew, William

1988 A Twentieth Century Perspective on Jacques Daviel (1693-1762)

1989 American Eye Hospitals: 19th Century Beginnings

1992 Peter Mark Roget, M.D. (1779-1869) and the Persistent Visual Image

1994 A Seminal Year in Ophthalmology: 1895

1997 John Dalton and His Serendipitous Contribution to Archeology

1999 An Internet Survey of the History of Ophthalmology

Gloor, Balder

2011 Retina and Macula have Their Own History - from Felix Platter (1583) to OCT

2011 Primary Presentation - Retinal Surgery at the Time Gonin Was Swimming Against the


2012 Visual Axis, Blind Spot, Yellow Spot­­ ­– Controversies over 400 Years

2014 Arthur Gloor – A Half Century of Ophthalmology in Daily Practice and in a City Hospital

       in the First Half of the Last Century (1899-1954)


Green, W. Richard

1997 Memorial to Arthur Keeney

Griggs, Walter

1995 Peter Parker

1996 Carlos Finlay, Ophthalmologist: Yellow Jack and the Panama Canal

1999 The Farnsworth Lantern

Grzybowski, Andrzej

2009 Ludwik Zamenhof-One of the Most Famous Ophthalmologists in the World’s Culture

2011 Vincenz Fukala (1847-1911) - Versatile Surgeon and Original Historian of Ophthalmology

2012 Boleslaw Wicherkiewicz – Interesting Contributor to European Ophthalmology (with Dieter


Guly, Henry

2017 Snow Blindness During the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration

Harman, Lynn E.

2014 Diet Pills and the Cataract Outbreak of 1935: Reflections on the Evolution of Consumer

         Protection Legislation (with Curtis Margo)

2015 Rudolph Virchow's Medical School Dissertation on Rheumatism and the Cornea (with

           Curtis Margo)

2016 Conceptual History of Autoimmunity: Perspectives on the Contributions of Ocular 

          Immunology (with Curtis Margo)

2017 Sir Charles Sherrington, His Law, and Great Debates in Neuroscience (with Curtis Margo)

2018 Charles Dickens, Trachoma, and Pre-Victorian England (with Curtis Margo) P*

Hardwig, Paul

1998 Eighteenth Century Vienna: To Mesmerize or Not?

Harper, David G.

2003 A Century of Perspective on Tscherning’s Theory of Accommodation

2009 The History of Presbyopia

2010 Marius Tscherning (1854-1939): Optical Physiologist par Excellence

2011 Accommodation in the 18th Century: The Bakerian and Croonian Lectures

2012 The Several Discoveries of the Ciliary Muscle

2013 The Helmholtz Theory of Accommodation: The Ciliary Muscle and the Lens

2014 Allvar Gullstrand and Intracapsular Accommodation: His Nobel Prize Lecture, December 11,


2016 Accommodation and the Nucleus:  The Lens Within

2017 The Discovery of Hypermetropia: Accommodation to a New Era

Hedges, Thomas Jr. (deceased)

1991 Donald J. Lyle: The Almost Forgotten Neuro-Ophthalmologist

1993 When Irish Eyes Are Failing: A Study of Joyce’s Persistent Problems

1995 D. Hayes Agnew: The Last of the General Surgeon-Ophthalmologists at Pennsylvania

1997 Concerning Quakers, the Pennsylvania and Wills Eye Hospitals

1999 Francis Heed Adler of Philadelphia

2000 Haldan Keffer Hartline (1903-1983)

2005 Charles Bonnet Syndrome P*

Hedges, Thomas R.

2017 Josef Igersheimer, An Emigre Ophthalmologist's Story (with Marisa Gobuty Tieger)

Heitz, Robert

2001 The Earliest Fundus Visualization of Living Eyes

2002 Early 18th century Debates on Cataract and Glaucoma by the French Royal Academy of Sciences

2005 Early Use of Contact Lenses for Keratoconus Treatment in the USA P*

2007 Ludwig Laqueur’s Introduction of Physostigmine for Intraocular Pressure Lowering Glaucoma

Henderson, John

1991 Bilateral malignant ophthalmos: Its Management 75 Years Ago

1994 The Ophthalmic Practice of Dr. Charles Mayo

1996 The Yellow Brick Road to Penicillin: A Story of Serendipity: (Part I, II)

Hertle, Richard W.

1997 Ophthalmic Injuries During the Civil War

2000 Captain John L. Worden’s Eye Injury and Ophthalmic Care During the Civil War

2002 Clinical Trials in Medicine and Surgery During the Civil War

2004 Silas Weir Mitchell, M.D. (1829-1914): Neuro-ophthalmology and The American Civil War

2005 The Eye Disease of Jefferson Davis (1808-1889), Confederate States President (1861-1865) P*

2006 A Confederate Surgeon’s Treatment of Amblyopia in Adults

2007 Stereoscopy During the Civil War: News, Entertainment, or Propanganda?

2009 The History of Ophthalmology at the University of Pittsburgh: Highlights of Contributions in

   Clinical Care, Education, and Research

2011 William Thomson, MD (1833-1907); Civil War Surgeon and The Evolution of Ophthalmology

2014 Enough Sight to Fight? The History of Military Visual System Requirements

Hogan, R. Nick

1992 Was Noah the First Recorded Case of Oculocutaneous Albinism?

1996 Julius Hallervorden: Science vs Source

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