Cogan Ophthalmic History Society 31st Annual Meeting
Tampa, Florida       March 23-25, 2018


 Friday, March 23

Reception, Le Meridien Hotel, lobby
5:30 – 7:30 PM; Bar and light appetizers (dinner on your own)

Saturday, March 24

Cogan Historical Society Meeting, Center for Advanced Medical Learning & Simulation (CAMLS)

7:00-8:00 Registration, Coffee, juice, light continental breakfast

8:00 – 8:15 Welcome; housekeeping

8:15-9:40 Session I

Leffler: American Insight into Strabismus Surgery Before 1838

Bohigian: The Eye in Motion Pictures – An Illustrated History

Cibis: Heinrich Harms 1908-2003

Eliasoph: Vision Doctors’ Vision (An Illustrated Narrative or Graphic Tale)

9:40-10:00 Mid-morning Break

10:00-11:00  Session II  

Arch: Eyesight, Vision, Love, and War in Three Medieval and Early Modern Literary


 Marmor: A Truly Dominant Disease

Schwartz: The Monocular Duke of Urbino

11:00-12:15 Snyder Lecture

Feibel:  Cuban Epidemic Optic Neuropathy (1991-1993) and José Saramago’s. 
          Novel Blindness (1995)

12:15  Group photograph           

12:20-1:10  Lunch         

1:10-1:45  Session III  

Gittinger: That the Blind May Write: William Hickling Prescott and the Noctograph

Gasch: The Eponyms of the Human Eyelid Glands           

1:45-2:30 Special Recognition Lecture

Fishman: Evolution of Contralaterality in the Vertebrate Brain, Or, Why Do We. 
         Have an Optic Chiasm?

2:30-2:50  Mid-afternoon Break

2:50-4:15 Session IV

Schroeder: Quicklime as an Ocular Chemical Weapon: Examples in Ancient and  
         Modern Warfare

Mark: Measuring the Eye, a History

Newman:  Ernest Maddox and Heterophoria

Wilkinson: Was Hypophysectomy a Useful Therapy for Adv. Diabetic  Retinopathy?          

4:15-5:00 Presidential Lecture

Silverstein:  Virulent Smallpox: When Did It Start?

5:00   Adjournment

5:30 – 9:30  Banquet Dinner, Tampa History Museum

5:30  Open (cash!) bar and appetizers

6:00-7:00  Museum galleries open

7:00 Buffet dinner

9:30  Museum closes 


Sunday, March 25

7:00-7:55  Coffee, juice, light continental breakfast

8:00  Meeting resumes

8:00-8:55 Business meeting/election/call for 2019 meeting           

9:00-10:15 Session VI  *

Bullock: Sir William Osler – A Wannabe Ophthalmologist

Horn: Financing the Cure: Historical Trends in the Cost of an American Medical                         


Blodi: “Power to the Blind”: The Kenneth Jernigan Story

Natarajan:  200 Glorious Years of Indian Ophthalmology

10:15- 10:35 Mid-morning Break

10:35-12 Session VII *

Ravin: Burning the Eyes with Lime as a Form of Justice in Late 18th Century China

Franceschetti:  Charles Bonnet and His Syndrome

Sieving:  Fake News; Or, How Carrots Became a Weapon of War, and Helped Defeat

       the Nazis 

Margo: Charles Dickens, Trachoma, and Pre-Victorian England

12 noon – Adjournment



*one additional presentation possible


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