28th Annual Meeting 2015

University Club   New York City

March 27-29, 2015


Business Meeting Minutes

President Donelson Manley called the meeting to order at 8:05 a.m. on Sunday, March 29, 2015.


Manley reported on the COHS executive committee meeting that morning.  He announced that Chris Leffler is our new treasurer, a position mandated by our status as a nonprofit organization.  The treasury is in good shape. 

The nominating committee recommended Pamela Sieving for president; the report was seconded, and approved unanimously.

Wendy Gasch’s term on the executive committee was up at the end of 2014; she is replaced on the committee by Chris Leffler.


Report on membership:  Robert Drews has requested that he no longer be a member, as has Shawn Murphy.  Andrew Ferry has not responded to messages, nor has Jay Enoch.  There were no new candidates for membership.


Manley displayed new membership cards, which Ira Eliasoph had designed and donated. 


Manley also reported on the Web site; Eliasoph has been serving as an informal editor for the content.  Manley thanked the membership for their ideas and constructive criticism on the Website.  Harry Mark suggested a limit on the number of words in abstracts, a firm deadline for the final form and corrections after submission, to ease the work of maintaining the abstract section of the Web site. 


George Bohigian offered thanks to Celeste and Don Manley for their leadership and hard worked; he presented a plaque to them, and a book to Wendy Gasch in recognition of her service on the executive committee.


Charles Letocha  brought up the topic of a journal for the history of ophthalmology.  Jean-Paul Wayenborgh has already begun a new journal, with Andrzej Grzybowski as editor: Historia Ophthalmologica Internationalis.   Several other COHS members serve on the editorial board. 


The 2016 meeting will be convened by Robert Feibel, and held in St. Louis, April 15-17, 2016.  Feibel presented a slide show introducing the meeting.   Mark Mannis will be the 2016 Snyder lecturer.  The 2017 meeting will be convened by John Gittinger in Boston; dates are yet to be set.  Curtis Margo is considering the opportunity to convene the 2018 meeting in Tampa or St. Petersburg.


Guest Andreas Mettenleiter of Würzburg thanked the members for the invitation to our 2015 meeting, noted the similarities of interests with the Hirschberg Gesellschaft in Germany, and raised the possibility of a joint meeting.


A plaque and expression of thanks was made to Danny Jokl, convenor of the 2015 meeting. 


Jenny Benjamin announced changes in the Cogan Society archives at the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s Museum of Vision.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 a.m.


Minutes taken by Pamela C. Sieving

2011 Annual Meeting Philadelphia, pennsylvania

2011 Meeting Attendees

Jenny Benjamin San Francisco, CA  

C. Richard Keeler London, England

Donald Blanchard Portland, OR  

David Knox Baltimore, MD

George Bohigian, Chris Bohigian St. Louis, MO  

Linda Lawrence Salina, KS

Pamela Chavis Charleston, SC  

Jacqueline Leavitt Rochester, MN

Robert Drews St. Louis, MO  

Charles Letocha, Maureen Letocha York, PA

Ira Eliasoph White Plains, NY  

Donelson Manley, Celeste Manley Haverford, CT

Jay Enoch, Rebekah Enoch Kirkland, WA  

Harry Mark North Haven, CT

Robert Feibel St. Louis, MO  

Michael Marmor, Jane Marmor Stanford, CA

Andrew Ferry, Lynn Ferry Richmond, VA  

Norman Medow New York, NY

Gerald Fishman, Marlene Fishman Chicago, IL  

Steven Newman, Sharon Heyka Charlottesville, VA

Ronald Fishman St. Inigoes, MD  

James Ravin, Nancy Ravin Toledo, OH

Jay Galst New York, NY  

David Reifler, Karen Reifler Grand Rapids, MI

John Gittinger, Diane Gittinger Boston, MA  

George Rosenwasser, Miriam Rosenwasser Hershey, PA

William Glew, Linda Glew Chevy Chase, MD  

Joseph Sassani, Gloria Sassani Hershey, PA

Walter Griggs, Louise Griggs Hanover, NH  

Ivan Schwab Sacramento, CA

Andrzej Grzybowski Poznan, Poland  

Pamela Sieving Bethesda, MD

David Harper Ashland, WI  

Bruce Spivey, Amanda Spivey San Francisco, CA

Robert Heitz, Rose Marie Heitz Strasbourg, France  

H. Stanley Thompson, Delores Thompson Oxford, IA

Richard Hertle, Gloriann Hertle Pittsburgh, PA  

Stanley Truhlsen, Dottie Truhlsen Omaha, NE

Danny Jokl Bronxville, NY   Robert Welch, Betty Welch Annapolis, MD



David L. Williams Cambridge, England



Phil Aitken, Ann Aitken Burlington, VT  

John Holds St. Louis, MO

Chris Blodi West Des Moines, IA  

Gerald Meltzer Lone Tree, CO

Paul Cauchi Glasgow, Scotland  

Marilyn Miller Chicago, IL

Wendy Gasch Washington, DC  

Zbigniew Zagorski, Dorota Zagorski Lublin, Poland

Baldur Gloor Zurich, Switzerland  

Meetings before 2011

1988………......Bethesda Maryland

1989……………Bethesda, Maryland

1990...............Bethesda, Maryland

1991……….. “



1994………… “

1995……….. “

1996……….. “

1997………. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1998………. Boston, Massachusetts

1999………. Montreal, Quebec, Canada

2000………. Charlottesville, Virginia

2001……….Palo Alto, California

2002……… Harriman, New York

2003……… St. Louis, Missouri

2004……….Toledo, Ohio

2005……….Durham, North Carolina

2006……… Hershey, Pennsylvania

2007……… San Francisco, California

2008……… Charlestown, South Carolina

2009……… Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

2010………Chicago, Illinois


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