Cogan Ophthalmic History Society 

Bylaws and Constitution

I. Mission

The Society is established to foster communication, scholarship and fellowship among individuals interested in ophthalmic history. The Society is empowered to organize meetings and/or sponsor publications as appropriate to its goals.

II. Governance

A. A president shall be elected to a 3-year term that cannot be contiguously repeated. The President shall serve as administrative officer to coordinate meetings, mailings, finances and other work of the Society.

B. An Executive Committee shall consist of the President plus 4 members to be elected to 4 year terms that cannot be contiguously renewed. The Executive Committee should be staggered, with one officer elected annually; at the initial election officers will be elected for terms of 3, 4, 5 and 6 years respectively to begin the stagger. The Executive Committee shall be advisory to the President and serve as a committee to evaluate programs, nominate candidates, rule on membership questions and otherwise help the President to guide Society activities.

C. Nominations for officers may be made by the Executive Committee but free nominations from members must also be allowed, so long as there is verification that nominees are willing to serve. Only active members may vote; voting may occur at Society meetings or by mail. Unexpected vacancies may be filled temporarily by vote of the Executive Committee.

III. Finances

The Executive Committee shall designate dues to cover costs for administration of the Society. Additional fees may be charged as needed for annual meetings, journal subscriptions, and other purposes consistent with the goals of the Society. Assets will be held by The Wells Fargo Bank.

IV. Membership and Attendance

1. Members at the time this document is approved shall remain members but under the terms of these Bylaws.

2. Members must attend a Society meeting at least every 3 years to maintain active status.

3. New members shall be approved by the Executive Committee if they are judged to meet the following criteria:

A. Nomination by an active member.

B. Submission of a letter of interest and curriculum vitae demonstrating satisfactorily a commitment to ophthalmic history.

C. Acceptable presentations at two meetings within a span of three years.

   C1. The initial presentation must be as an invited or sponsored guest.

   C2. Applicants for membership who have given one presentation may apply directly to give a presentation at a subsequent meeting.

4. Meetings shall be held annually at sites (and with local organizers) deemed suitable by the Executive Committee, but chosen by vote of the membership. Meetings will be open to non-members to the extent that space permits, but should be organized so that a reasonable number of interested non-members can attend as observers and presenters. 

5. Emeritus (non-voting) status may be awarded upon request to members, 75 years of age or older, who then will be exempt from dues (except fees that reflect costs for benefits received) and from the requirement to attend every 3 years. 

6. Guest speakers at meetings may be recommended by any member, but will be invited at the discretion of the Executive Committee. Priority will be given to bona fide new applicants for membership. A member may invite a co-author to present in his or her stead.

V. Revision of Bylaws

The bylaws may be amended by a two-third majority vote of active members. Proposed changes to the bylaws must be circulated to the membership at least one month before voting takes place