Cogan Ophthalmic History Society Meeting

30th Annual Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts

March 24-26, 2017


Friday, March 24th

5:30 P.M. to 7:30 PM: Reception at the Paul S. Russell Museum of Medical History and Innovation, which is a  short walk from the hotel.  Dinner is left to each attendee’s choice.


Saturday, March 25th

7:00 AM:  Buffet breakfast at the MEEI outside the Meltzer Auditorium on the 3rd Floor

8:00 AM to - 5:40  PM:   Presentations in the Meltzer Auditorium


8:00 AM – 8:15 AM:  Welcome and Housekeeping

8:15-9:25    Session I: An International Focus

         Chi-Chao Chan, MD,  Xiaoguang Cao, MD and Chunying Li, MD:  Dr.   

                            Lien-Teh Wu and People’s Hospital, the First Western Hospital  Built by Chinese


         Rolando Neri-Vela, MD, MS:  Manuel Uribe Troncoso and his Works

         Maurice H. Luntz, MD:  Sir Benjamin Rycroft 1902 to 1967:  His Contributions to Ophthalmic

                           Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

         Albert Franceschetti, MD:  Charles-Michel Billard (1800-1832):  An Unknown Great Figure of

                          the XIXth Century


9:30- 10:40   Session II:  Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology

         Alice (“Wendy”) Gasch, MD:  Lash Lure and Paraphenylenediamine: Toxic Beauty Past &


         Donald L. Blanchard MD:  Henry Gray’s (Retinal) Anatomy The First 50 Years (1858-1908) 

         C. Stephen Foster, MD:  History of Uveitis Therapy

         James G. Ravin, MD:  Gelsemium: From Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Self-Experiments to Use as a

                          Toxin by the Russians

10:40-10:40   Louise Collins, DVM, MSLIS: The Lucien Howe Library of Ophthalmology Collection


10:45-11:00  Break


11:05- 11:58   Session III:  Britain

         Curtis Margo, MD and Lynn E. Harman, MD:  Sir Charles Sherrington, His Law, and Great

                        Debates in Neuroscience

         Norman B. Medow, MD:  The Wild Wildes:  Sir William, Lady Jane, and Of Course…OSCAR

         Richard Keeler:  “Pallor of Greatness”: Portrait of William Bowman and His Friends


12:00- 12:50 The 2017 Snyder Lecture

         Ivan S. Schwab, MD, FACS:  Does My Dog See in Color?  The Evolution of Color Vision


12:50-1:40   Lunch, Library and Poster time

Lunch will be in the Lank Family Dining Room on the 7th floor of the MEEI

          Ira Eliasoph:  Come and Gone, an interactive poster



1:45- 3:10   Session IV: 19th c America

        Christopher Leffler, MD, and Stephen G. Schwartz, MD, MBA: 

                        Adventures of Some Early American Eye Surgeons

         Daniel Albert, MD, MS: Burton Chance: An Ophthalmic Historian and Witness to 19th and

                         20th Century Ophthalmology

         Ira Eliasoph, MD:  Alvin Allace Hubbell (1846-1911) our Predecessor in History

         George Bohigian, MD:  Francis I. Proctor MD: His Life and His Legacy

         Robert M. Feibel, MD:  Mortimer Frank, Johann Ludwig Choulant, and the History of

                          Anatomical Illustration


3:10 – 3:25   Break


3:30- 4:40   Session V:  18th -19th  c Europe        

         Gerald Fishman, MD, and Marlene Fishman:  The Life and Times of

                           Jan Evangelista Purkinje: Scientist and Czech Patriot

         Michael F. Marmor, MD:  John Dalton’s Papers on Color Blindness

         Ronald S. Fishman, MD:  Koller's Introduction of Local Anesthesia and Its Aftermath

         Charles E. Letocha, MD:  The Royal Oculist - Carl Theodor in Bavaria


4:45- 5:40   Session VI:  20th c America

         Joseph W. Sassani, MD:  Dr. Robert J. Morrison: Contact Lens Pioneer, Inventor, and Eye

                       Doctor to Many Including the Rich and the Famous

         Charles Fritch, MD:  Stanley M. Truhlsen, MD: Life and Career

         Steven A. Newman, MD:  The American Board of Ophthalmology and Origins of Specialty



5:45  Adjournment


6:30 PM:  Cocktails and Hors d’oeuvres

7:30 PM:   Dinner

      Wyndham Boston Beacon Hill

      Speaker:  Joan Miller, MD:  The Harvard Angiogenesis Story


Sunday, March 26th

7:00 AM:  Buffet Breakfast at the MEEI

7:45 AM – 8:30 AM: Business Meeting (Cogan members only)

8:30 AM to – 1:00  PM:   Presentations in the Meltzer Auditorium


8:35- 9:45   Session VII:  About the Eye  

         Linda Lawrence, MD:  The Definition of Blindness

         Catherine Arnott Smith, AMLS, MA, MSIS, PhD and Jennifer Arnott,  

                   MLIS:  Metadata Facilitating Context: The Case of the Perkins School Archives

         Harry Mark, MD:  The Role of Eye Size in Ophthalmology

         David S. Sanders, MD, MPh, and Sayoko E. Moroi, MD, PhD:  The History and

                   Development of Iris Prosthetics


9:50-10:10 Break


10:15-11:40   Session VIII:  Injuries and Explorations

         David G. Harper, MD:  The Discovery of Hypermetropia:  Accommodation to a New Era

         Henry Guly, PhD, FRCP, FRCEM:  Snow Blindness During the Heroic Age of Antarctic


         Mark J. Mannis, MD, FACS:  New Trends in Medical Therapy for the Cornea:  2017, 1917, 2117

         Gerald Meltzer, MD, MSHA:  The Halifax Explosion of 1917

         Frans J. Van de Velde, MD, PhD:  The Legacy of Dr. Charles L. Schepens at the Massachusetts

                  Eye and Ear Infirmary


11:45- 1:00   Session IX:  More People You Should Know About 

         Christopher F. Blodi, MD:  Adolf Hitler’s Vitreous Hemorrhages…and Other Visual Disorders

          Jacqueline Leavitt, MD:  Sarah Edith Ives

         Jay M. Galst, MD:  Otto Wichterle, Father of the Soft Contact Lens

         Thomas R. Hedges, MD, and Marisa Gobuty Tieger, MD:  Josef Igersheimer,  An Émigré

                      Ophthalmologist’s Story


1 p.m.  Adjournment




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